Are louvered roofs worth it?

Louvered roofs will protect you from rain and even light snow. With a louvered roof you’ll be able to enjoy your patio furniture, host barbecues or just relax in the fresh air on those cloudy days. Louvered roofs can even help you save on energy costs. When the slats are fully or partially closed, they provide shade, which can reduce the amount of heat that enters your home.

How much does a louvered deck roof cost?

The price of installing louver pergolas and louvered roof systems can range from a low of $60 per square foot to a high of $160 per square foot.

What are the cons of a louvered pergola?

  • Higher upfront cost
  • Requires professional installation
  • May require permits and zoning approval

Are louvered roofs noisy?

The decibel levels on aluminum louvered roofs are approximately 50 decibels (dB). However, the noise could creep gradually to 55 decibels. To put it in perspective, sounds produced during normal conversations are approximately 55-60 dB.

How resistant is our louvered roof?

Our Louvered Roof systems offer year-round protection from sun and rain, and it can also handle snow-loads of up to 50psf, making it perfectly at home in most wintery climates. So relax, you can trust it to stay strong and keep your patio cozy all season long.

Why are louvered pergolas so expensive?

Louvered pergolas generally have a higher initial installation cost compared to traditional pergolas. This is due to the additional complexity of the adjustable louver system, potential motorization features, and the use of premium materials.

How long do louvered pergolas last?

Most louvered pergolas, especially those crafted with high-grade materials like heavy extruded aluminum, boast a lifespan of 20 to 25 years or more.

Can you add a louvered roof to an existing pergola?

Louvered Patio Covers can be placed on top of existing Pergolas.

Are motorized solar shades worth it?

We’re here to tell you they are! Motorized blinds are reliable and long lasting. Their durable motors can operate for years with proper maintenance and use. Depending on the brand, each motor comes with a warranty so if anything goes wrong you’re covered.

How long do solar shades last?

A solar screen is made to stand up to intense sunlight. A quality product installed by a reputable shade company can last 10 years or more. Keep in mind that some fading is normal and won’t impact the screen’s ability to block UV rays.

How resistant are our outdoor solar shades?

Our outdoor solar shades are tough cookies! They’re specifically designed to withstand the elements, and based on rigorous testing, they can handle winds up to a blustery 90 miles per hour.

Why are motorized shades so expensive?

Generally, motorized shades are powered either by hard-wiring or a high-tech battery-powered motor. If you choose hard-wired electric shades, you’ll also need to purchase antennas and have an electrical system installed throughout your home. Both elements can lead to a higher retail price.