Acrylic Patio Covers Seattle

Acrylic Patio Covers Seattle

Cost-Effective High Quality Acrylic Patio Covers

Acrylic Patio Covers Seattle

Acrylic Patio Covers for Your Roofing Needs

An Acrylic Roof is designed as a patio cover and a sunroom roof that will maintain high light transmission throughout the longevity of the product! Built Strong, it’s designed to offer protection from inclement weather and harmful UV rays, without blocking the natural light. Acrylic sheets are durable, 100% naturally UV stable and filter/soften harsh light. An Acrylic roof will retain 90% light transmission and clarity for about 30 years.

In addition to offering high quality, competitively priced acrylic patio covers in Seattle, Star Construction WA offers free installation quotes. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our highly-trained and experienced specialists. We’ll be happy to discuss the details of your upcoming installation.
Also contact us to receive full details about our Motorized Louvered Roofs, Motorized Retractable Screens and Custom Decks.


Acrylic Patio Covers Seattle

Features & Benefits

  • Superior energy savings and heat control
  • Filters Harmful UV rays without blocking natural Light
  • Highest light transmission
  • Even light distribution
  • Proven hail protection
  • Patented condensate control
  • Heaviest and most rigid panels
  • Non-shattering safety glazing
  • Integrated extruded aluminum gutter system
  • Strong enough to hold fans, lights and plants
  • Engineered to support heavy snowloads
  • 30 year warranty against yellowing

Acrylic vs Polycarbonate Patio Covers

Both acrylic and polycarbonate are incredibly strong, stronger than glass and about ½ the weight. They can both be completely clear and are easy to clean. When you first look at these products, it can be hard to tell the difference between them, but under the surface there are several properties that set them apart.

Properties of Acrylic

Acrylic is sometimes called Plexiglass, but Plexiglass is just one of many brands of acrylic. This particular material has several benefits, including:

  • More affordable than both glass and polycarbonate.
  • Resists yellowing from the sun
  • Better clarity than glass transmitting 92% of light
  • Easier to machine and form
  • Shiny material that can be polished to a smooth finish
  • Has an impact resistance that is 17x that of glass
  • Available in a range of colors

In addition, acrylic is a thermoplastic that is formed and bent using heat. It can have clean glue joints for an improved overall look because glue bonds well with it. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to glass that is significantly stronger, acrylic could be the right fit.

Acrylic does have some cons to consider when choosing a plastic material. When compared to polycarbonate, it is a more rigid material. It also is more prone to cracking when drilled and chips more easily.

Properties of Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate plastics have many similar properties to acrylic. Some of the key differences include:

  • Higher cost, as much as 25% more expensive (depending on the grade)
  • Significantly stronger, with 250x the impact resistance of glass and 30x the strength of acrylic
  • Transmits 88% of light
  • Working temperature of 240 degrees, giving it a low level of flammability
  • Resists chips and cracking
  • Corrosion resistant when used in chemical applications
  • Will not crack even when the sheets are drilled in to
  • Can be formed without heating

If you are in need of bullet resistant materials or materials to use in a highly caustic environment, such as in a plant that works with acidic or other potent chemicals, then polycarbonate is probably the right fit.

Like acrylic, polycarbonate has some cons to consider. It is typically not a shiny material, but it can be polished. Although it resists cracking and chipping, it dents and scratches easily. It has good clarity, but it is not UV resistant and unless coated it will yellow over time.

Alexei CebanAlexei Ceban
03:41 10 Jan 24
Very impressed with the work Star Construction WA did on the solar screens for our house. Very detailed on their installation and went out of their way to help with the clean up. I would highly recommend this team to our relatives and anybody who may want to add this great product to their home.
Natalie NNatalie N
00:21 21 Dec 23
We had our louvered pergola installed in November 2023. Ruslan and his team were the only ones who were able to provide a satisfying solution to our somewhat complicated facade line. They worked with great care and we are nothing but satisfied. We love our pergola and can’t wait for summer to come.
18:33 06 Nov 23
Greatest contractor experience we have had to date and we have used many.
kevin walkerkevin walker
21:12 14 Oct 23
Hi there, just want to say and share with the Seattle area public that we just had a louvered roof installed by Ruslan and his team and couldn't be happier with the finished product. When you are getting bids for this type of system the first couple can be kind of shocking. It's hard to make the math work in my head because the cost is up there. BUT once you see the product, and see what kind of hand craftsmanship goes into the construction you can start to understand and reason with the cost vs what you are getting. The finished product is visually stunning and impressive. It's commercial in grade and we are sure it will last and look great for a very long time. When it was complete the cost VS benefit was realized. The extra attention to detail, cleanliness, and willingness to make any change and accommodate ideas, Basically a "have it your way" mentality. We really enjoyed having them around and when they left it was as if they were never here. What was left behind was an incredible structure, and a lasting relationship with Star Construction WA where our door will always be open to Ruslan and his team. 2023
JanetandJohn SkinnerJanetandJohn Skinner
04:49 24 Aug 23
Great job on our new covered patio. Everything done professionally and on time.
Arindam BanerjeeArindam Banerjee
19:45 12 Aug 23
Ruslan completely transformed my deck with an acrylic cover and motorized screens which makes me able to use it for the rest of the 9 months in the year ! He was very thorough with his work, showed a lot of patience getting things done and the finishing is of high quality and great value for money . Would highly recommend him for any outdoor space transformation projects !
Daria GonzalezDaria Gonzalez
23:23 06 Aug 23
Ruslan and his team were phenomenal - they finished the project with us around April-May 2023. He helped us understand what kind of deck we need, ordered materials, brought them and installed with his team - all in a matter of a few weeks, with just 2 build days. Everyone was highly professional, fast and courteous. Before we found Star Construction, we almost gave up on the idea of the covered patio as a whole because everyone was turning us away due to the small project size. Now, we use our patio every single day and are so happy with it - can't wait for the colder, rainier months!
Michael WareMichael Ware
00:46 31 Jul 23
My wife and I have been wanting a pergola for a couple years now. We contacted Star Construction WA and got an immediate call back. I can say Ruslan and crew made our vision come alive. I highly recommend this company.
Jordyn PuryearJordyn Puryear
15:42 18 Jun 23
Ruslan and his team did an amazing job installing our louvered roof. I was impressed with the care and attention to detail they had throughout the entire project. I couldn’t be any happier with how it turned out. Thank you!
Andrew FathAndrew Fath
15:37 08 Apr 23
We cannot say enough good things about Ruslan and his crew. My wife and I purchased a home in Washington state and have been working on making improvements before we permanently move there. Of course living out of state has its set of challenges. One of them being finding good contractors, and finding contractors that are responsive. When we reached out to Ruslan he was extremely responsive and made himself available whenever we had a question. We hired Ruslan to install our composite deck as well as our louvered patio roof. He was willing to schedule video meetings so that we could see the progress and he would always check in with us if he had any questions. Needless to say, Ruslan knocked it out of the park. We highly recommend this company for any of your patio needs. Thanks again Ruslan!
CCPR ConstructionCCPR Construction
16:16 14 Sep 22
We've partnered up with Star Construction WA a while ago and we had a few jobs where a louvered roof pergola was needed. This guys did a great job and we are definitely looking forward to working with them again.
Super ManSuper Man
06:22 13 Sep 22
Nice job by the Star Construction team. Very modern look for the louvered pergola, goes really well with our new house. Ruslan is very professional and responsive, and we will happily recommend him.
23:02 16 Aug 22
Ruslan was professional, reliable, communicative, and efficient. He is meticulous with his craft and does so in exceptional time. They installed a motorized awning for my back deck area. I could not be more pleased with the result. They took care to clean the project space after and explain the device. You are in good hands with a company of such quality and care.
Victor RusuVictor Rusu
02:22 22 Mar 22
I saw their ad about Louvered Roof in one of our Seattle local magazines and I decided to look them up. I didn't know much about this type of pergolas but the team was so friendly and they provided me with a lot of useful information. They offered me a free estimate and the sales guy was so nice. They did an amazing job. Thank you guys for your hard work!
00:20 05 Jul 21
I asked for louvered roofing to be done, and they were on-time, very professional and did a really clean job. There aren't many companies like this, so I'm glad that I found this one. The images attached say it all! I highly recommend them.

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